BetAndreas India

Betandreas India is a legit ticket into the gambling world Indians. The website has been operating in southeast regions for years and has got thousands of players satisfied. Being registered on Curacao island, Betandreas meets all the legal requirements and is accepted by the Indian government. 

Thus, you can wager and win thousands of rupees immediately without worrying about any legal consequences. Read this article to pave your way into the world of Indian gambling. Here, you will discover a full starter kit: a guide on registration and a walk through the available betting and casino options. And at the end, we will even discuss available bonuses and promotions. So you will know how to expand your budget without extra payments.

How to Sign Up in BetAndreas India

First, you must sign up at the Betandreas official site. Luckily, the process is very easy and fast. Even a child can handle it. But if you want to do it even quicker, check out how it is done step-by-step:

  1. Enter an official Betandreas website;
  2. Find and press the “REGISTRATION” button in the upper right of the screen. You can quickly locate it, as it is vivid yellow color;
  3. Choose a registration method. We will thoroughly discuss them below;
  4. Indicate required info;
  5. Read the website rules and put a checkmark in the box to confirm it. Don’t neglect this step. If you do, you might miss some winning opportunities;
  6. Select a casino or sports betting bonus;
  7. Insert a promo code if you have one. You can find them online on gambling-related platforms;
  8. Finish the registration.

Congrats, now you have a Betandreas india account! However, you are still not allowed to make bets. To get rid of this handicap, you must verify your account. It is a must as if the website wouldn’t have it, criminals would use it for money laundering and fraud.

To verify an account, you must send a photo of an identity-proofing document to the Betandreas support team. It can be a passport, ID card, or driver’s license. Once done, your account will get verified in the shortest terms. The minimum time is a few minutes, while the maximum is 1 day.

Now let’s clarify the third paragraph of the registration process. Betandreas has four different registration methods:

  • The “One-click” method allows you to get an account at Betandreas in the shortest terms: just choose your country and desired currency, and you are done;
  • The “Via Mobile Phone” method will suit folks who want a more secure account immediately. Requires an indication of your mobile number and desired currency;
  • The “Via Email” is the one that mostly resembles an ordinary registration. Here, you must choose country and currency, indicate an email, and devise a password;
  • The “Via Social Networks” will work best if you want to secure your account and don’t mind using a social page like Telegram or Google. It needs you to choose a currency and verify that you allow registration from the chosen social page.

After the registration with any method is complete, you will be issued login info: login and password. Also, you can later fill your account with anything you could use for registration: phone number, social page, or email.

Personal Account

When you are a Betandreas india sportsbook/casino member, you get access to a comprehensive account panel.

Bet Andreas system progress
BetAndreas system progress

Visit it each time you need:

  • check out your VIP system progress (we will describe this feature later in the text);
  • bet history, so you can know where your rupees were spent;
  • depositing/withdrawing page to get money in or out of the Betandreas site official;
  • personal details to fill your account with your personal data (improves security);
  • settings to change language, favorite sport/team, subscribe to the Betandreas newsletter, or turn on/off notifications;
  • invite friends to activate a profitable referral program;
  • FAQ page to clarify general questions about Betandreas website;
  • or sign out.

You will need to access some of these elements during your betting journey. And the fact that you can do it in just two clicks makes Betandreas highly convenient.

Betting on Sports With the BC Betandreas

What is more prevalent at Betandreas india, casino or sports betting? Hard to say. But we know one thing: both these categories are impeccable. Let’s look at the sports betting section, for example. It allows you to bet on more than 20 activities, including cybersports. In addition, Betandreas offers a separate page for the live matches where you can bet on them. And one of the best things about that is the accurate odds and available betting markets. Now, let’s take a closer look at these sports betting functions.

Online Betting

The entry-level of Betandreas bookmaker is regular online betting. It is a pure classic. Here you can find cricket, football, soccer, volleyball, and many other sports matches and place a pre-game wager. To do it, press the desired odds and choose the bet amount in the popped-up window. And then, just click on the big “PLACE A BET” button.

Live sports

In the “LIVE” section, you can bet on the games which have already started. As their in-game situation is constantly changing, their odds will shift too. You can use that to wager with the most profitable odds. Follow what happens in-game, and bet when a game-changing moment has happened. But do it before the odds change.

In the live section, you can access the same sports as in regular online betting. And thus, the betting process is also similar.


Do you enjoy progressive eSports matches? You can get your hands on them at sportsbook Betandreas too. They can be accessed by pressing “SPORTS.” There you will find Dota 2, League of Legends, CS:GO, and Valorant matches. However, if you want to perform a live bet on these games, it is also possible. Just find the ongoing games in the “LIVE” section. The process of betting on cybersport is also no different from regular sports. Just select a desired odd and choose a bet amount.

Line and odds

So what about the odds at the Betandreas india sports betting? They are some of the most precise in the market. The reason for that is the hard work of Betandreas betting analysts. They carefully examine each factor influencing a match and consider it when creating odds. As a result, you will get the most accurate payouts when wagering at Betandreas.

And speaking about wagering, you can place money on many various lines here:

  • Match winner bets. Place rupees on the team you think will win the match. This line has moderate odds and is relatively easy. That is why it is an excellent decision for starters;
  • Outright bet. Make a bet on who you think will win the entire tournament/event. This one has crazy high odds but is quite challenging to pull off. Appeal to it only if there is an apparent competition’s favorite. Outright bets will remain throughout the tournament. Hence you can go back to it later, but the odds will be different;
  • Over/Under. If there is any scoring system at the sport, you can predict whether it goes over or under the given number. A great line with proper odds. Works well to diversify your betting routine;
  • Handicaps. When two unequal teams face each other, the odds are very unattractive. On one side, they are too high but with significant risks. While for the other, they are too low with almost no risk. To fix this issue, Betandreas introduces handicap bet. It changes the wager win condition for one team, which helps to equate the odds. For example, traditionally, to win a soccer match, a team must score more goals than the opponent. But with handicaps, the weaker team doesn’t necessarily have to score more goals. The task can be lowered to just scoring one goal or two. And if you bet on them and they do, you win a bet;
  • Game-specific markets. Wager on events specific to a certain sport. For example, for cricket, you can bet on how many runs there will be per inning. Or, with football, you can try to predict the correct competition score.

To access these and other betting lines, press on the match that interests you. But get ready, as even experienced bettors are quite impressed with the market numbers you can see.

Betandreas Online Casino

Besides the bookie, there is a large Betandreas casino section. Here, you can find all the industry’s popular gambling games. And most importantly, they come from reputable developers like Pragmatics Play, Evolution, Push Gaming, Betsoft, and many others. What does that mean? Their visuals and sound design are on the next level. Each game will feel unique and immerse you in its atmosphere. And don’t think that your device might not run them. Games have superb compatibility and are optimized to run on any modern gadget.

Betandreas casino
Betandreas casino

All the games on the website are classified by features, genres, and providers. It allows you to find desired games more easily. But on a larger scale, the games are also classified by their types. Those are:

  • Slots. Most popular casino games with some of the easiest rules. All you have to do to play is to pull the lever. As a result, the reels with symbols are spun. Once they stop, they will resemble some kind of combination that pays you out. Modern game providers have elaborated on the idea of slots. Now you can find them with various bonus games and winning capabilities. Also, they are presented in hundreds of different themes. Play slots dedicated to cowboys, mafia, anime, fishing, and other topics;
  • Roulette. Enjoy one of the most popular table games at Betandreas online games section. At roulette, you can make one of the tens of bets. They come with various odds. So if you like taking risks for a bigger reward, this one’s for you. Betandreas has different roulettes, including American and European versions;
  • Cards. Like bluffing? Then you are welcome to the card section. Choose among Poker, Blackjack, Baccarat, and other games. Each of those games has an entirely different set of rules and win conditions. So check them out, find your favorite, and grind money!
  • Lottery. Grab your lucky online ticket and look at the numbers. If most match the winning combination, you are about to hit the jackpot! Visit Betandreas “lotteries” section to find Keno, Bingo, Scratch Cards, and other lottery types;
  • Fast game. Want to raise funds from gambling quickly? Then fast games are what you need. Here you will find different table games. However, they have a principal difference from the games we’ve just talked about. Their matches are extremely quick;
  • Virtual sports. Like sports but want to gamble rather than bet on matches? Virtual sports at your service! Choose one of the virtual sports games and bet on its outcome: football, basketball, golf, horse racing, and others;
  • Aviator. Enjoy a live format Aviator game, where your prize depends only on you. To win, you must bet and cash out until the plane flees. The further it flies, the bigger the potential cashout. However, it will also increase the chances of it fleeing. So you will need to catch the correct timing to win.

Can’t decide which one of those games you would like to play? You can do it by checking all of them out. And you don’t even have to pay to do it! Yes, you’ve heard it right. With the help of demo mode, you can play most Betandreas games without spending a penny. In fact, you are not even restricted in time when doing so.

So play Betandreas games for free as much as you want. Learn their rules and understand how to get the most out of them. And further, you can start playing them for real money.

You can also play some of the mentioned games in the Betandreas live casino mode. It means the game will be conducted by a real person (dealer/croupier). He will perform from a separate studio streamed through the website. Betandreas Casino live games allow you to win huge prizes and get that authentic casino feeling without visiting a land-based establishment.

Withdrawal of Funds

What about Betandreas withdrawal? The situation here is as prominent as with deposits. Hence, you can use the same withdrawal tools you used for depositing. At your disposal, you will have:

  • Visa and MasterCard as credit/debit card tools;
  • EcoPayz, Perfect Money, Bkash, Nagad, PIX, and other online wallets;
  • Bitcoin, BitcoinCash, Ethereum, and Zcash.

Commissions on the withdrawal are different. However, they are a little bigger than for deposits. Why? Because the management thoroughly checks all Betandreas withdrawals to ensure that money comes to the right place. That is also what determines a processing time. Hence, withdrawals might take up to an entire day, regardless of the tool you use.

Betandreas doesn’t restrict you much in terms of withdrawing. For most payment tools, the minimum number to withdraw is 300 INR. While the maximum is six digits. However, you can conduct as many withdrawals as desired. So in practice, the upper cap doesn’t matter.

To withdraw funds at Betandreas, go through these steps:

  1. Login to your account and make sure you have above the minimum withdrawal limit;
  2. Press the “personal account” button at the upper right and choose “withdraw funds from the account;”
  3. Examine the list of available methods and choose one that suits you;
  4. Indicate an amount to withdraw and follow instructions;
  5. Wait for the money to arrive at the selected money service.

The same as with deposits, you can’t withdraw rupees. So you will need to think about it in advance. Again, getting your Betandreas cash to the crypto wallet is one of your best options.

Betandreas mobile App

Can’t access your PC to wager/gamble all the time? Betandreas has an alternative for you: mobile casino/bookie access. With this feature, you can download an app on your iOS/Android device and bet from any place, anytime! The application is supported by all modern gadgets, so you shouldn’t worry about compatibility.

However, downloading the Betandreas app to play from the mobile is not the only option. You can also use a desktop version. It doesn’t require you to do any installments. You just need to launch any browser, and Betandreas will immediately get optimized for your gadget. But we can’t promise a super smooth performance of the desktop version. It is because a lot here depends on your browser.

How to Install on Android

So how do you get a Betandreas app on your Android gadget? It is easy. Here how it looks like in a step-by-step format:

  1. Open Betandreas official site;
  2. Locate a little Android icon on the upper right part of the screen and press it;
  3. Find the “Get It On Google Play” or “Download for Android” buttons and press one of them. After you do, an apk file must be installed. But if you’ve never installed such files from a browser, your phone might decline that. In such case, go to the browser settings and allow it to download files from third recourses;
  4. Open explorer and select a downloaded apk file. Look for it in the “Downloads” folder. If your phone has no explorer, download one from the Play Market;
  5. Run the apk file and adjust installation settings if needed;
  6. Wait a couple of seconds for the installation to finish (depends on the computing power of your gadget), and run the app from your desktop.

You can download an Android app in that fashion on any device. But make sure that your Android version is 5.0 or above. Otherwise, an app might not run or will work incorrectly.

With an app on your Android, use it for Betandreas live sports betting or gambling from anywhere. Just run an app, and scroll through the convenient interface to find what is interesting. And access desired content in a couple of clicks.

How to Download on iOS

If you own an iOS gadget, the installation will be quite different. Frankly speaking, a little bit easier, as no apk is required. Here is how it looks:

  1. Go to the App Store and look for “Betandreas” in the search window. Alternatively, open Betandreas official website and find an Apple logo at the upper right of the screen. After pressing it, find and click “Download on the App Store” or “Download of iOS.” After that, you will be automatically transferred to the desired App Store page;
  2. Press install and bring in adjustments if needed;
  3. Wait a couple of seconds and jump into the world of Betandreas!
  4. Anyone gadget with an iOS version of 11+ can download an app. Remember that you also need free space for the app, which is 213.2 MB.

Now you can set the Hindi language and enjoy all the Betandreas stuff out of your pocket. An iOS app is impeccably optimized, so anything that runs well on the desktop will work just as well on your mobile gadget.

Promotions and Bonuses for Players from India

Betandreas not only gives you a convenient service but also a very profitable one. And the reason for that is the presence of bonuses and promotions. What are those? If described shortly, they are special programs that reward you with free money. But what is the trick here? It is the conditions you’ve to complete. Let’s discuss them and what you will get after their completion.

Welcome Package

When you create your account at Betandreas india, you will be offered to select one of two welcome bonuses: casino or bookie. Choose wisely, as there is just one available per account. But what do you get for it? If you’ve chosen a sports bonus, you receive a 200% match to your deposit. While for the casino bonus, you get a 125% match and 250 free spins. The match you get can’t exceed 27 000 rupees.

Now is the most important part. To activate a bonus, you must deposit 180 rupees or more within 7 days of account registration. If you are late, the bonus will not be valid. But if you quicken and make your first Betandreas deposit within the first 15 minutes, you will receive an upgraded version of the bonus.

To withdraw the bonus funds, you must first complete their wagering requirements. For the casino bonus, it means to wager an entire bonus amount x60 times. While for the sport bonus, you must bet a 5-fold received bonus amount from the bonus account in accumulator bets. Once done, you can withdraw all the bonus funds you have.

Betandreas Deposit Bonuses

In addition to the welcome package, Betandreas india will also juice up your first four deposits. Before activating them, enter a “bonuses” page at the Betandreas and press “I WANT” below the bonus you need. To activate the first one, you must deposit at least 900 rupees. For that, you will receive 250 free spins applicable to the Burning Wins slot. The maximum amount of wins to withdraw is 9000 rupees. But before doing it, you must play the bonus amount 60 times.

Betandreas Deposit Bonuses
Betandreas Deposit Bonuses

Now, let’s see the conditions of the rest deposit bonuses. Diverse deposit bonuses are the following:

2nd deposit 3rd deposit 4th deposit
Conditions deposit 850 rupees+ deposit 1 000 rupees+ deposit 1 150 rupees+

match 50% (up to 10 800 rupees)

50 free spins for the Solar Queen slot

match 75% (up to 10 800 rupees)

75 free spins for the Burning Wins slot

match 100% (up to 10 800 rupees)

100 free spins for the Royal Coins slot
Wagering requirements wager the match bonus 15 times with a min coefficient of 1.8

x60 for free spins
wager the match bonus 15 times with a min coefficient of 1.8

x60 for free spins
wager the match bonus 15 times with a min coefficient of 1.8

x60 for free spins
Max winnings for free spins 10 800 rupees 5 000 rupees 5 000 rupees
BetAndreas bonuses

While deposit bonuses are solely for casino players. Here is what they will give you:

2nd deposit 3rd deposit 4th deposit
Conditions 850 rupees 1 000 rupees 1 150 rupees
Free spins 100 150 250
Game 100 Joker Staxx Hot Coins Hot Coins
Wagering requirements x60 x60 x60
Max winnings 10 800 rupees 5 050 rupees 5 050 rupees
BetAndreas casino bonuses

Remember that these bonus rewards are credited one hour after completing the requirements.

Sports Bonuses

If you are at Betandreas for sports betting, the platform has something special for you. We discuss three truly unique bonuses you can use soon after registration:

  • Express booster. Receive an additional bonus for your accumulator after making accumulators out of 4 or more events. You can do it at both Betandreas live sport betting or pre-game. The accumulator will be applied to your bets automatically;
  • Bet insurance. Did a bet, but not sure that it will win? Betandreas allows you to apply for insurance for it in such cases. It is a paid service that ensures you get back your money regardless of the match outcome. However, if the bet wins, you still receive all the promised rewards;
  • Bet buyback. Want to get your bet money back quickly? Use a bet buyback! It comes in handy in various cases. First, it can get some funds back into your account if you need them urgently. Also, you can use it to preserve your funds when you feel like a bet is about to lose. Yes, it is quite similar to bet insurance. However, in this case, you pay less but can’t win the prize;
  • Sport loyalty program. Wager regularly at Betandreas and receive plenty of coins to trade for free bets and bonus cash. The more tasks you complete, the higher your loyalty status will be. And with its growth, the rewards will pour on you.

As you see, these bonuses are tools to increase your budget. But each of them will work in different cases. Practice using them, and they will bring you thousands of rupees.

As you see, these bonuses are tools to increase your budget. But each of them will work in different cases. Practice using them, and they will bring you thousands of rupees.

Bet Andreas Sport bonuses
Bet Andreas Sport bonuses

BetAndreas Casino Bonuses

Of course, casino players get their own set of bonuses at Betandreas too. Here is what they will do for you:

  • Cashback. Anyone familiar with gambling knows that they can’t win at it all the time. Betandreas has a slight cure for that: cashback. Return up to 10% of the losing bets and spins with it. However, the more you lose, the bigger the cashback compensation. This bonus is applied automatically to everyone who plays at Betandreas;
  • Game of the day. Each day of the week, Betandreas gives casino players a bunch of free spins. To get them, you must make the required number of daily spins. For instance, make 350 spins to receive 50 free spins for the Sevens&Fruits slot. Remember that this bonus changes every day, giving free spins for different slot machines;
  • Casino loyalty program. Betandreas values its clients and rewards active ones with constant bonuses. You receive coins when you deposit, fill out your profile, and complete tasks. Further, you can trade this currency for real playing money. Moreover, once you exceed a coin threshold, your level goes up. The higher your level, the better your coin exchange rate will be.

If you want to get the most out of the Betandreas casino, use these bonuses while you can. Otherwise, you miss free spins, bonus cash, and cashback compensations.

Betandreas loyality programme casino
Betandreas loyality programme casino

Betandreas Customer Support

We can’t know everything about online bookies/casinos. And sometimes, we need help figuring out specific questions. Betandreas steps forward in such cases, implementing a comprehensive support system. As the practice proves, customer support can quickly answer 99% of potential questions. While if you have a more significant issue (like bugs that spoil rewards/gameplay), they might need more time to solve the case.

If you’ve stumbled across a situation that you can’t fix yourself, reach out to customer support in the following ways:

  • Email. Write to [email protected] describing any of your issues. As soon as Betandreas has a free manager, he will start working on your case. Usually, it takes from a couple of hours to a day to get a reply. However, the more details you indicate when describing an issue, the quicker it will be;
  • FAQ page. If you have a minor question, there is no need to write an email. First, visit the Betandreas FAQ page. Here you can quickly scroll through the most common problems, and the chance that you’re one among them is huge.

Don’t be intimidated by the words about bugs. A significant part of the Betandreas users rarely experiences serious issues. So what they end up using throughout their entire time at Betandreas is just a FAQ page.

Mirror of Betandreas Official Site

Is Betandreas legit in India? Or you just can’t access it? There are a couple of things you can do about it. What most Indians use is VPN, changing their IP address. Hence Betandreas will consider as your gadget is operating from a different country. However, VPN drains a solid amount of your computing power and internet speed. So you can appeal to another tool: mirror website.

The Mirror website is a different URL that you can use for accessing Betandreas india. And the key here is that these URLs are hosted in different countries where it is not blocked. To use a Betandreas mirror site, insert a desired link in the search window.

Betandreas enter variant's
Betandreas enter variant’s

Betandreas offers even more ways for you to access it from places where it is blocked. Look for these options and their step-by-step instructions on their website.

Betting Advantages with Betandreas India

It is not a secret now why Betandreas is a leading bookie/casino website in India. It has everything for bettors: various lines, excellent odds, tens of sports, live betting, and much more. While gamblers can enjoy a wide range of games from the best software providers, having solid win opportunities.

You can play/wager from any place at any time using convenient mobile versions of the website. And most importantly, transitioning your cash in and out of the Betandreas is a super fast and flexible process: tens of banking tools are at your service.

Make a choice now. Visit the official Betandreas website, register with one click, and take advantage of the generous welcome bonus. Let the rupees flow into your pocket while enjoying high-quality gambling or exciting sports betting.

Rating of Betandreas India

Line cricket
Mobile app


Is Betandreas Betting Company Legal in India?

No law prohibits Betandreas and online casinos/bookies in India. Moreover, its legality is proven by the Curacao license it has.

Do Players in India Need to Look for Betandreas Mirror?

If, for some reason, Betandreas Casino can’t be accessed while you reside in India, you can use a mirror. However, there are other tools you can use for that, like VPN.

Why Problems With Logging in to the Official Site of Betandreas?

Such problems may occur for different reasons. First, make sure you are writing your login info correctly. If it doesn’t help, appeal to customer support.

How to Use a Promo Code for New Players From India?

New players from India can use a Betandreas promo code by inserting it in the special field during registration. You can also do it after it on your profile page.

What Is the Best Bonus at Betandreas IN?

Traditionally, a bonus with the most potential profit for players is a welcome offer. However, other ones altogether are multiple times better than it.

What Is the Easiest and Fastest Way to Withdraw Money in Rupee at Betandreas in India?

The easiest and fastest way to withdraw money from the Betandreas is using a crypto method. They are instant and with no fees.

How to Download the Betandreas App?

To download a Betandreas app, install an apk file from the website (for Androids), or find the app on the App Store (iOS). Look for the more detailed guide in this article.

How to Bet Correctly on Sports With a Welcome Bonus at Betandreas?

The best way to do it is by getting the most value from your Welcome offer. So make the biggest single deposit to get the best match.

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    on August 7, 2023

    I registered because I was interested in the promotion win-win bet, risked the first bet and lost, they returned the freebet and with it already lucky, now I bet only here, the line suits more than enough

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    on August 8, 2023

    Betandreas is one of the best firms. Interesting line and the odds are better than many. They even have bonuses for this.

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    Been playing betandreas for a little less than a month, but so far I’m happy with everything.

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    I bet in betandreas india for a long time, I play small amounts, the minimum bet is nice. Periodically withdraw, no problems from the office, no delays, no commissions.

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    Not a bad bookmaker betandreas india, you can do professional betting, the site is organized cool. it is convenient to find the outcome by searching on the site in a large line.

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    I want to say that Betandreas has been very happy with me for a year, there have been ups and downs, but the most important thing is that payments are always on time

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    In betandreas there are really a lot of good offers. Deposit-withdrawal of money without any questions at all, everything is ok.

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    I bet more for my soul than for making money, so betandreas covers my basic needs in terms of conditions. The bookmaker is really good.

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    The first thing I liked about betandreas india is the site navigation and user-friendly interface, even a novice player will definitely understand. here I found everything I needed. I like the statistics section, it is constantly updated.

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    Betandreas india is well established! I play here so far, I like everything.

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    betandreas deserves only positive ratings and reviews on my part.

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    Problems with withdrawal in betandreas never had any problems except that the first withdrawal was rejected. But everything was resolved quickly and well

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    I contacted support a couple of times with questions and everything was solved quickly. In my opinion, Betandreas India is a good company.

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    Betandreas has fast withdrawals (usually 20-40 minutes), no scams so far

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    All new players who will start playing at betandreas india, especially those who already have gaming experience, will appreciate this bookmaker.

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    Betandreas is a good bookmaker. The odds are great, there are a lot of disciplines.

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    After playing at betandreas india was satisfied. Good site for betting. Surprised but even won several times in a row.

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    Betandreas hasn’t been around that long, but I’m already loving everything here!

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    Betandreas hasn’t been around that long, so relying on someone else’s reviews won’t work here, there are very few of them so far. I decided to try the site, the main fear was that the money will not withdraw. The first payment was withdrawn very quickly. I was surprised, I plan to play further.

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    Betandreas has reliable high odds, user-friendly site throughout.

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    There are plenty of bookmakers, but I play only on betandres. Their advantage is a good line on soccer.

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    Betandreas has a very convenient mobile app! since I downloaded it became much more convenient to bet, and the application is always at hand. so I advise you to install it, who do not have it yet

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    I play for a long time in betandreas india, bet through the app, very convenient. Who else uses it?

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