Bet Andreas promo code – Bonuses for Bengalis Players

Do you want to win more Taka at casinos and betting without extra deposits? With bonuses presented at Betadreas, it is no longer fiction. Let us take you by your hand and guide you through the whole bonus and promotion Betandreas section. Once you finish reading, you will need additional space on your credit card, as you will know exactly what to do to get more BDT.

BetAndreas Sports Promotions

If you are into sports betting, you may know how costly it gets. The amount of enticing sports events we can see nowadays is immense. Obviously, bettors often struggle to find a budget to bet on every desired competition.

But Beandreas clients have never faced this issue. With Betandreas sport bonuses, you can find some spare betting funds even when your savings are low. Use the following Betandreas bonuses before you start sports betting:


For the Bengalis players who bet on sports regularly, Betandreas has added an express-booster promotion. With this tool, you can get accumulators each time you wager on an event with odds higher than 1.2. When these requirements are met, you will automatically get a booster, increasing your total bet slip coefficient. The maximum coefficient express booster can give you is 1.1.

The main advantage of the express-booster promotion is that it doesn’t have wagering requirements and is activated automatically. It is an unobtrusive boost that appears from time to time and increases your income without asking something back.

Bet Buyback

If you are an experienced bettor, you know how disappointing it is to regret your wager. It is like you are watching a match and seeing your money slipping away. You have to tolerate it no more. 

At Betandreas, you can return single, and accumulator bet types with a Bet Buyback function. To activate it, you must visit your bet history page and use a Bet Buyback on the desired wager. The amount of money you get back depends on who is the favorite according to the current match state:

  • If the team you’ve bet on wins, their odds will lower. If you buy back your bet in this case, you will get a profit, but lower than the one you would get after the end of the match;
  • If the team you’ve bet on loses, their odds will grow. In this case, the buyback will give you less than the initial stake.

Bet Buyback is a useful tool that helps BD users to save some of their betting Taka: use it when you see an inevitable loss of your team. If the situation is the opposite, you can apply buyback to get your money quicker. It can be useful when making an urgent bet, etc.

Insurance on Bet

Another tool that protects indecisive bettors is Insurance on Bet. While in real life, you pay money to the insurance companies so they can compensate the spending on your broken car, the Betandreas insurance saves you from losing the bet. 

Purchase Insurance on Bet at any time during the match and get a guarantee that your money is safe regardless of the match outcome. Insurance is a paid service whose price depends on the betting coefficient. You can get insurance only on single or accumulator bets.

The best case to use Insurance on Bet is when you’ve placed a risky wager with high odds. Just make sure to grab insurance for the lowest possible price.

Sports Loyalty Program

Betanreas bonuses for sports give an exclusive opportunity to receive Betandreas free bets, cashback, and unique promotions. All that can be achieved by following a Betandreas loyalty program, available to any active bettor.

You will need to complete various tasks: 

  • Make pre-game bets;
  • Make live bets;
  • Win a certain amount of bets;
  • Win accumulator bets;
  • etc.

For completing these tasks, you will be rewarded with coins exchanged for points. Further, you can use these points to make Betandreas bonus bets, which are basically free. 

By completing a certain amount of tasks of the loyalty program at Betandreas, your level will grow, resulting in better coin exchange rates, more cashback, and private promotions.

Withdrawal Sport Bonuses

Obtaining and withdrawing sports bonuses at Betandreas shouldn’t cause problems. But just in case, here is a brief step-by-step guide on that:

  1. Create an account. Find a yellow “REGISTER” button at the top right of the interface and fill it with the required info. Don’t forget to verify your account afterward with an email letter;
  2. Go to the bonuses/promotion page and find which of them are suitable for you;
  3. When the bonus is chosen, thoroughly read its details and find out how to activate it;
  4. Complete activation requirements and enjoy your bonus bets at Betandreas!

Withdrawing money you’ve won with bonuses differs depending on the wagering requirements, which can be found in the bonus detail section. 

To get the most profit from your bonuses, you need to use them wisely: don’t rush in with wagering bonuses. For example, once you get your express booster activated, make sure that your next bet is ultimately safe. Otherwise, you will just waste an extra coefficient on the loss.

Casino Promotions for BetAndreas’s Players

If you get bored with wagering on sports, you can always switch to the Betandreas casino section. Both bookmaker and casino share the same balance and even some bonus offers. 

Activate Betandreas casino bonuses with outstanding profit capabilities and try to hit the jackpot in one of many presented gambling games. Check out these easy-to-use promotions.

Free Spins Everyday

Casino players who like to spin slots and uncover something new easily take advantage of Betandreas free spins daily. To participate in this bonus, a client has to spin a required amount at a certain slot in a given period. Each day, these conditions are changing, offering different numbers of spins too. 

To activate Betandreas free spins, you must log in to the game of the day before the day ends. The game of the day is on the card of the game of the week or the bonus page. If you are late to activate free spins at Betandreas before the day ends, the offer will be canceled.

This Betandreas daily bonus perfectly suits gamblers open to discovering new slots. Just know the game of the day and play it until you get rewarded!

Referral Bonus

Do you have any Bangladesh friends interested in checking out online gambling? If your answer is “Yes,” Betandreas referral bonus is for you. It is the system that allows you to invite friends to the casino and get rewarded with bonuses for that. 

If you already have an account and want to use a referral bonus at Betandreas, you can get  a unique link. Send this link to your friend who wants to join online gambling. When your friend follows the link, he will be sent to a registration page to create an account. When he gets an account, he will be added to your network of friends. At this point, your accounts are tied, and you get 40% profit from all your friend’s bets.

The referral link is one of those casino bonuses at Betandreas that can be used multiple times. So invite as many friends as you want and make Betandreas free bet countless times.

Celebrate Birthday with Betandreas

Everyone likes getting birthday presents. We expect them from our relatives, colleagues, friends, etc. But how often do you get presents from casinos? 

Betandreas birthday bonus is a promotion that gives presents to users on their date of birth. Still, there are a couple of requirements for it:

  • This promotion works only if you have been registered on the website 30 days before your birthday. This rule is applied to prevent gamblers from abusing the birthday bonus system at Betandreas;
  • To receive the bonus, you must play for at least 5000 BDT a month before your birthday. 

When your birthday comes, the Promoter determines the amount and types of gifts you will get.

Loyalty Programme Casino

Like the sports betting section, Betandreas casino also has a loyalty program or VIP system. It functions similarly: you get points from performing certain actions and trade them into coins used to purchase bonuses.

Points for a casino loyalty program are obtained by making any deposit or doing profile-related actions: filling out your profile info, confirming your email, doing daily tasks, etc. With more points earned, your loyalty program level will increase, which improves the points-to-coins exchange rates. 

It is highly recommended for gamblers to learn the casino loyalty program and follow it, as it is one of the best ways to get some additional free bets.

Wagering Requirements of Casino Bonuses

While we mentioned how to claim some of the casino bonuses, a main requirement is to have a verified account. Then, just check out the requirements set for a desired bonus and follow them. 

But if you think you can get a bonus Taka and quickly withdraw it, wagering requirements are there to prevent it. Thus, to withdraw bonus funds, you will need to play them first.

For example, the slot daily bonus at Betandreas (which we discussed in the “Free Spins Everyday” heading) requires you to wager winning from free spins ten times during the availability of the bonus balance. Only once bonus funds go through all those wagers, you can transfer them to your wallet.

BetAndreaes Bonus System

Besides a promotion system, Betandreas gives its BD customers a set of bonuses activated solely after deposits. There are two types of bonuses: for casinos and betting. Even though they have similar requirements, they can’t be activated simultaneously. You would need to activate each bonus one by one and make a separate deposit. Furthermore, you can activate bonuses only on corresponding deposits consecutively from 1 to 4. Let us describe each one of them.

1st Deposit Bonus

Betandreas 1st deposit bonus you get is applied solely to the casino. To activate it, your first deposit must be from 400 BDT. Once these easy conditions are met, you will be rewarded with 250 free spins that can be used at the Burning Wins: classic five lines game. Be aware that Betandreas 1s deposit bonus delivers you 250 spins with five portions of 50 spins for five days.

Wagering conditions for the bonus obtained from 1s deposit at Betandreas require x60 free spins wagers, while the maximum amount you can win is 10 000 .

2nd Deposit Bonus

For the second deposit, Betandreas gives bonuses to the casino and the bookmaker. Both these bonuses require from you 1000 BDT, while the maximum winnings off them are 10 000 BDT.  

The sports bonus gives you a match for the 50% of your deposit, but the amount of bonus funds can’t exceed 10 000 BDT. Bonus money can be used only on sports betting, with wagering requirements of 15 wagers for the bonus. Betandreas second deposit bonus for sports betting also gives you 50 FS for the Solar Queen game, which you can consider as a promo tool.

With the second bonus for the casino, you will get a little fewer free spins as with Betandreas first deposit bonus, if being exact, 100. These spins can be spent on 100 Joker Staxx slots; to withdraw winnings, you must do x60 wagers. 

Bonus for 3 Deposit

When making your third bonus deposit, you will need to transfer at least 1000 ; this is applied to both casino and betting services.

Unlike the Betandreas second deposit bonus, the third one will match 75% of your total deposit for betting, but the number doesn’t exceed 10 000 . Wagering requirements for bonus betting funds are 15 wagers for the bonus, while their payout is regular: 1. Betandreas adds 75 free spins for the Burning Wins: classic five lines game with an x60 wagering requirements. 

For the casino bonus, you will receive 150 free spins for the Hot Coins: Hold and Win a game with x60 wagering requirements. 

Bonus for 4 Deposit

The bonus for the 4+ deposit is activated after 1500 BDT  transaction for the casino and bookmaker.

A Bookie bonus will give you 100% of your deposit match, but the number can’t exceed 10 000 BDT. The payout for those funds is 1, while the wager of the bonus is 15. In addition, you will get 100 free spins to play the Royal Coins: Hold and Win game; the free spins wager is x60. 

The casino bonus for the fourth deposit gives you 250 free spins for the Hot Coins: Hold and Win game. The wagering requirements for them are x60, just like any previous bonus, including Betandreas first deposit bonus.

How to Claim Welcome Bonus from BetAndreas

To give a boost to the new clients, Betandrease features a welcome bonus offer available to anyone who has registered recently. 

To take advantage of the Betandreas welcome bonus, you must select it during the registration process. Then, once you’ve created an account, you will have seven days to deposit at least 400 BDT. The bonus size depends on your deposit amount: this is a match bonus of 150%. For example, if you deposit 200, 150% will give you 300 additional. But there is a way to get even more match percent.

If you deposit in the first 15 minutes after registering an account, an increased bonus will be activated. An increased bonus gives you 200 match percent instead of 150. 

Also, if you deposit more than 400 BDT for the welcome bonus at Betandreas, you will get 250 free spins, which will be given to you over five days. 

Betandreas welcome bonus is a pure value, and it is highly recommended to take advantage of it during registration. But be aware that only your first account deposit will be entitled to the bonus.


Can I Cash Out the Bonus on BetAndreas?

You can cash out any bonus, including 1st deposit bonus at Betandreas, only once you meet the wagering requirements.

Are There BetAndreas Bonus Codes or Voucher Codes?

All the Betandreas promotions and bonuses can be found on their site at the moment, but voucher codes can be added in the future.

Will My Bonuses Still Work in the Mobile App?

First deposit bonus at Betandreas and other promotions work regardless of the platform you are using.

How to Get Free Spins Bonus on BetAndreas?

Most casino promotions at Betandreas give free spins. One is a welcome bonus at Betandreas, which requires you to choose it during registration and make a first deposit of at least 400 BDT.

How Many Times Can I Get the Welcome Bonus?

You can take advantage of the Betandreas welcome offer only once per account. That is why you should squeeze the most value out of it.

How to Wager Bonus in BetAndreas?

When using funds obtained with any bonus, including the welcome offer at Betandreas, you must follow the wagering requirements noted on the bonus detail page.

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