Play at Aviator Bet Andreas with Taka 2023

Play the Aviator casino game at Betandreas and join hundreds of Bengalis gamblers in a live format! Make one or two bets and carefully look at the lucky plane. The further it goes, the bigger the multiplier, and at the same time, the more chances of flying away it gets. Quickly press the “cashout” button once the multiplier seems profitable for you. But hurry up; you need to do that before the lucky plane flees.

Aviator is a very simplistic yet exciting game. It impeccably incorporates live playing elements, social exchange, and easy mechanics. There is no need to learn all those boring rules, bet types, etc.: read this brief guide and play the Betandreas Aviator game right away!

In-game Features

Aviator is a multi-component product. It has many features compiled together and working as a swiss watch. To get the full gambling experience, you must know about them, so let us present the most important of them.

Real-time Results

Betadnreas Aviator casino game is conducted in the live format. But, Aviator developers have taken real-time gameplay a level further. Your results totally depend on how you interact with a game, pressing “cashout” while the plane hasn’t fleet yet.

Online Game Chat

When participating in the Aviator game, you can see all the Bangladesh gamblers that are currently playing. Have something to discuss with them? Ask them a question and start a conversation right in the game chat.

Autoplay and Auto-Cashout

The Aviator game at Betandreas features an autoplay option for lazy gamblers. Go into the settings, adjust the autoplay, set a desired auto-cashout, and get your hands off the controls! The only thing you will have to do manually is withdrawing your winnings at the end.


Put effort into the Aviator game and achieve the best results among others. Your superiority will be presented on the leaderboard, where your position is displayed among your rivals.

Betting History

When you are in the Aviator game, you always have access to the betting history. Use it to see how others play the game: the bets they make and how much they win. You can also check your previous bets there.

High RTP

Due to the 97% RTP (percentage return to player), the winnings at the Aviator occur more than often. But you can treat that number abstractly, as you are the one that defines your victories: just press the “cashout” at the right time!

Free Demo Version

Knowing the rules and the game flow is essential at casinos. Nobody wants to spend their money, betting on a game they don’t get. Aviator doesn’t have that issue.

Use Betadnreas Aviator demo mode and play as much as you want without spending a penny. And once you are good to go, switch to real money playing and win prizes.

Aviator Game Strategies & Tips

Even though you can get a full-fledged Aviator gameplay almost knowledgeless, you will need some tips and strategies to get the most out of it. 

As the practice asserts, BD gamblers are getting much better results from the Aviator when utilizing the double bet feature. Approach this tip strategically and play around with various bet sizes. Do that until you find an optimal double bet plan. 

Another one of the Betandreas Aviator tricks is to make use of statistics and the live betting board. Consider this data as your analysis source. Check out what others do and how well it works out, and adjust your playing according to that. 

Finally, don’t ever get fooled by the “Betandreas Aviator hack apk” or the “Betandreas Aviator predictor” features. These applications entice you, saying they can bring you easy wins, but that is not the case. The Aviator algorithm randomly chooses a time for a lucky plane to flee right before it: it can’t be predicted or hacked.

Now, check out more comprehensive strategies and Aviator tricks at Betandreas:

Martingale Strategy

Martingale strategy is a popular gambling scheme used in many games, and it perfectly suits an algorithm at Aviator. The purpose of the martingale approach is to compensate for your losses and get you back on track quickly. To achieve that, martingale suggests you use the following principle: 

  • You decide your initial stake, which you place normally;
  • When you lose, you double your stake; do it consecutively until you win;
  • When you win, you go back to your initial stake.

As you can guess, the martingale strategy is the most viable when you have a solid budget. Otherwise, you risk running out of funds quickly, in case you didn’t manage to get a win after doubling the stakes.

Use of Automated Bet

When you just get into playing the Aviator, pressing a “cashout” each time seems like a fun occupation. But after hundreds of bets, you get tired of it. That is why most of the experienced Bengalis Aviator players utilize automation.

Look for the “Auto” button on the bet panel and open it to adjust the autoplay settings. Therefore, you can change the following parameters:

  • A minimum cash threshold for a stop. If the cash is decreased to the given value, the autoplay stops;
  • A maximum cash threshold for a stop. If the cash reaches a given value, the autoplay stops;
  • The threshold for a single win. If the single win reaches a given value, the autoplay stops;
  • Cashouts for first and second wagers.

So that is how to play and win in Aviator with an automation system. Experiment with it, try different settings and find what works best for you.

Low Bet with Minimum Risk

A low-bet Aviator strategy at Betandreas is a perfect way to start real money playing. When you are just starting gameplay, you haven’t yet developed that “feel for the game” that helps to win at Aviator so much. That is why we should move carefully and avoid risks at the start. And we will do it by making minor bets and sniping for 1.20 – 1.50 multipliers. 

You can merge the previously mentioned martingale with a low-bet strategy. Just keep an eye on your balance, and don’t go too crazy on the doubling when you start to run out of cash. You can also activate automation, but we recommend it only when you’ve played this strat manually.

High Bet with Maximum Risk

On the completely opposite side to the low bet strategy, there is a high bet one. Oh, boy, this one is very risky, but it can bring you rewards you’ve never seen before. With a maximum risk strategy, we are looking for an extreme x100 multiplier. It occurs rarely: the chance is 1 to 100. And as we are seeking a major win here, the bet also must be high: at least 2600 BDT.

If you plan to use the high-bet strat, be ready to deal with losses: you will see tens of them. But once you get lucky to catch an x100, your budget will soar to the farthest stars. 

We don’t recommend fusing high bet strat with martingale, as it will drain your budget too quickly. But automation is a great choice: turn it on, sit back, and relax, waiting for your moment.

Mobile Version of Aviator Game

Aviator is not necessarily played on a desktop computer. So grab your phone and get ready to catch a lucky plane! 

The first option to access Aviator from your mobile phone is through the browser. It doesn’t matter what your gadget’s OS or brand is; the only thing you need is a browser. Open it, find the Betandreas site and look for the Aviator tab at the top of the screen. 

Another option is downloading a Betandreas Aviator app on your Android or Apple gadget. Go to your gadget’s store (Play Market/App Store) and type in “Betandreas” in the search window. Then, you will see a Betnadreas app which you should install by clicking the corresponding button. 

Be aware that in comparison to the first method, downloading an Aviator app from Betandreas takes up some of your memory space. In return, you get more stable gameplay and a smoother overall experience.

Start Playing at Betandreas Aviator

Ok, so now you know how to win in the Aviator game, it is time to learn how to start playing it. 

First, we need to open a, and choose our language at the upper right of the screen. Then, look for the Aviator game tab, which should be placed near the other Betandreas activities: casino, sports, etc. An Aviator tab is filled with red, so it should stand out on the black and gray background. Here are some other essential steps for starting to play an Aviator game.

Create an Account

An essential to play anything at the Betandreas is to create an account. Look for the yellow “register” button at the upper right of the screen. When you press it, choose one of four registration methods: one-click, via mobile phone, via email, or via social networks. Depending on which you choose, you will need to specify various information to create an account. But if you are looking for the fastest option, the one-click method will register you in seconds.

Deposit Bangladeshi Taka

Now we need some BDT (Bangladesh Taka) on our balance. To get it, go to the deposit page, which is found after clicking on your account. Examine available payment methods and choose the one that fits you best. Then, on the next page, type in how much you want to deposit, follow some easy instructions, and wait a couple of seconds for Taka to arrive.

Practice with Demo Aviator

Don’t jump into real money playing instantly. Do you remember the demo mode for Aviator? Try it out first! To launch it, open the Aviator game and look for the purple “Demo” button at the top right of the game’s interface. From that point, you will make bets with free virtual funds.

Choose the Strategy

To play Aviator the most effectively, stick to the strategy. We’ve already mentioned some of them previously in the article. If you don’t like them, you can devise some on your own or ask other Aviator players about them. Just try to avoid the “Betandreas Aviator hack apk” or the “Betandreas Aviator predictor,” as those can often be malicious software.

Place a Bet

I think we are ready now. You’ve learned the game in the free demo mode and chosen a strategy: it is time to place a real bet. Seriously, it is not as scary as it sounds. So turn off the demo mode and repeat everything you did before. The only difference is that you will get real money rewards!

Win Real Money

Now all you have to do is to win real money. Keep playing the game, try out various stuff, and just have fun! 

Play Aviator Game for Real Money with Betandreas

If you are seeking an exquisite gambling experience, Betandreas is your choice. An intuitive interface, a variety of BD payment tools, quick support system: all these benefits have stacked one upon each other and created a Betandreas. 

Enter the Betnadreas now, launch your first Aviator game, and get the win. Become part of a cohesive Bengalis Aviator playing community. 


What Are the Minimum and Maximum Bets in Aviator?

The minimum bet at the Aviator is 0.1, while the maximum is 100.

Are There Any Specific Bonuses for Aviator Game?

However, Betandreas doesn’t offer specific bonuses for the Aviator games; you can take advantage of many other general bonuses applicable to Aviator.

Can I Practice Before with the Betandreas Aviator Demo Version?

Yes, anyone can launch a Betandreas Aviator Demo version and play it for unlimited time.

What Makes Aviator So Unique as a Game?

Aviator is one of a few casino games with a reaction element to it: the outcome of the game depends on when you press “cashout.”

Can I Deposit with Cryptocurrency?

Yes, Betandreas features a couple of popular crypto deposit methods: Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, etc.

Is Aviator Game Legal in Bangladesh?

Yes, Aviator is the legal game that functions on the legally licensed Betandreas website.

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