BetAndreas Sports Betting & Online Casino with 25000 BDT+ 250 FS

Enjoy the best possible Bangladesh online gambling and betting experience: play at BetAndreas. Sign up right now to take advantage of the generous welcome bonus: get 250 free spins and up to 25 000 BDT for wagering. 

Enjoy a convenient UI that lets you quickly switch from casino to bookmaker and vice versa. Waste no time on useless browsing and jump right into the action. 

Once you win real money at Betandreas, use one of many available payment tools to withdraw your funds in seconds.


Gambling Offers from Bet Andreas Casino

Diversity and quality are the priorities for Betandreas when it comes to gambling. Check out the most popular and profitable game on your own: sign-up at the Betandreas. Don’t forget to take advantage of the welcome bonus, which has to be selected during registration. Then, you will receive bonus funds and spins, depending on how big your first deposit was.

Online Casino Games

With Betandreas online games, you can never get bored. Once you enter the casino section by clicking on the “CASINO” button at the top of the site, you will notice an impressive collection of games from famous providers. Betandreas allows you to take your time learning which ones you prefer with a free demo mode. And once you have found a favorite, play for real money and win at Betandreas as much cash as you want. Now, let us present you with the most popular gambling activities on the website.

Card Games

Engage your strategic thinking and mathematical analysis by playing Betandreas online game with cards. Baccarat, Blackjack, Poker: these games have adopted a gambling legacy, coming through the decades to be presented now at the Betandreas. Each mentioned category has a few games, so don’t be shy to inspect some of them.

Slot Machines

Looking for a simple yet exciting game at the official Betandreas site? The slot machines section is just for you! Choose from hundreds of slots on various themes: historical, horror, western sports, and tens more! Define your bet amount and see how those symbols form your winning combinations.


Participate in lotteries and have a chance to win the real jackpot. Betandreas has moved away from the default and boring lottery and introduced it in different forms. Thus, you can find games mimicking lottery mechanics but offering you entirely new colors: Jungle Keno, Mueritos for Mexican-styled bingo, Squeaky Blinder for a scratch card game, and others!


Play Betandreas jackpot game to get some big cashouts. On the jackpot page, you can find slot games that offer particularly high jackpot-winning capabilities. Like in the ordinary slot machine section, the games here are presented in various themes: choose one that fits your mood!

Fast Games

For gamblers who don’t have much time but still wanna play some games, there is a fast games section. This game compartment is specified to take the least of your time per one round played. However, the winning capabilities in these games are not worse than in any other. Fast games include dice, wheels of luck, etc.

Live Casino

Betandreas live casino has a separate section on the website and can be found a right to the “CASINO” in the upper interface part. 

Available live casino games at Betandreas include

  • Crazy time: a famous wheel game with four major bonus games;
  • Monopoly: a simulation of the monopoly table game, with rules adjusted to the casino game;
  • Roulettes in many types, including French and American;
  • Craps for dice game enjoyers;
  • And tens of others!

Live dealer games allow gamblers to experience a next-level social to their games, which transfers into the land-based casino atmosphere. Talk to other gamblers, communicate with dealers, and make your bets in the live format!

TV Games

TV games are live format-type activities located in the “LIVE CASINO” tab. To access them, look at the left part of the screen, where you will see a “TV games” section.  

TV games feature the following activities: 

  • Sports games of boxing, darts, shootout 3 shots, bridge, and others;
  • Both traditional lotteries and Keno or LiW.

An advantage of TV games is that they can be switched like channels on your television and played simultaneously. Don’t tie yourself to the one lottery match; change the channel and make your darts bet!


Consider a unique Betandreas offer and join the Aviator game. The gameplay is simple yet entails a large room for excitement and winning capabilities. The main game’s element is a plane that flies a different distance each round. You must make a bet, predicting how far the plane can travel without flying away. The further the plane goes, the larger the multiplier will grow, but the chances of it flying away will also increase. 

The aviator interface displays not only your bets but the bets of the other gamblers, allowing you to see how others approach the game. If that isn’t enough for your examination, play the game for free using a demo mode. 

Look for the Aviator game in the upper interface part: locate a red “Aviator” inscription and press it to enter the game. As soon as the plane finishes its flight, you will be offered to bet and participate in the next round.

Betandreas Sports Betting in Bangladesh

Alongside the casino site, Betandreas holds a full-fledged bookmaker service. The range of sports to bet on includes regular sports (football, tennis, hockey, basketball, etc.) and eSports (Dota, Counter-Strike, League of Legends, Valorant, etc.).

Sign up at the Betandreas sportsbook, grab the bonuses from the welcome offer, and wager on the most popular sports events with other bettors!

Online Betting Markets

One of the main advantages of BD Betandreas betting is the large variety of bet types. Regardless of which sport you choose, you will have at least a couple of betting lines at your disposal. Use them to perform multiple stakes per one match and win even more funds. A solid range of betting lines prevents you from being bored and tired of betting, as you can regularly get new experiences from untested bet types. 

The biggest number of betting markets can be found at the most popular Betandreas sports/eSports; they include:


Place your wagers on the most anticipated cricket matches with Betandreas. The game facilitates perfect conditions for a splendid spectacle: two cohesive teams, skill-reliant gameplay, and a ton of action. 


For gamblers preferring icy hockey games, there is a separate section for those matches on the site. The game has many components, so it is a chance for you to test your betting skills. Analyze the teams, choose a proper betting line, and win!

Ha-du-du (Kabaddi)

Kabaddi wagering is another option in the Betandreas sports section. This close-contact team sport has achieved massive success in the eastern regions, particularly in Bangladesh. So Betandreas Bangladesh version couldn’t go past it, and added this game to the website, with some of the best odds on matches!


Two teams, a large field, and the bouncy ball: everything needed for a breathtaking football game. In the sports section on Betandreas, you can find relevant football games with different betting markets. Wager on one or a couple and watch a match right on the Betandreas website with a live streaming option.

Live Betting & Streaming

Live betting is no longer a choice for bookies but an essential. This is an extremely handy opportunity to make a safer bet for the price of some odds. Obviously, Betandreas live sport section allows you to make a bet after the game starts. 

But be aware that the odds always change for the live bets according to in-game conditions. So the more obvious the victory of a team will be, the lesser the odds for it. That is why we recommend placing a live bet as early as possible when the odds are still worth it. 

In addition to betting live sports at Betandreas, you can watch the live game stream. It saves a lot of time for you, as you won’t need to look for a platform to spectate a match. 

Esports Betting

Do we have any gaming fans here? If you are, Betandreas has good news for you. ESports at Betandreas is a developed betting section featuring the four biggest competitive video games: Dota 2, League of Legends, CS:GO, and Valorant. Each of those has proved to have an extremely high demand for the player’s skill, and once they have it, matches turn out amazing. You will see beautiful teamplay sequences, swift reaction plays, creative strategies, and more in the eSports tournaments.

Betandreas eSports covers all the major events for the mentioned games and hands you many betting markets. Select one of them, look at the teams and their odds, and make a valid wager to win.

Bet on Virtual Sport

Covid-19 has influenced our lives and various industries, including sports. When the matches were impossible to conduct due to the pandemic, bookmakers came up with something called virtual sport betting. 

Virtual sports are the realistic simulations of actual sports games performed inside a video game. With modern technologies and comprehensive AI systems, these games are entertaining to watch and, obviously, to bet on. 

At the Betandreas sportsbook, you can find virtual sports for any taste: football, basketball, etc. Just enter the sports betting section, choose the one you like, and bet!

Bet Types and Odds

As stated, Betandreas gives tens of options when choosing a bet. But what are the exact bet types you can choose from? Let us present some of the most popular betting lines at the Betandreas:

  1. Match winner. This bet allows you to make the easiest possible prediction: who wins the match. Even though it might seem boring for experienced bettors, it is a great starting point for beginners;
  2. Outright winner. Moving forward from predicting a winner of the game, an outright bet allows you to predict the tournament’s winner. This is quite a tough bet to win, but there is a remark. Outrights are available for most of the tournament’s time, and odds for the competitors shift following their position and performance level;
  3. Over/under bets. All the sports matches have some kind of score. The number in the score differs depending on the competitors’ performances. With over/under bet, Betandreas gives a number in the score, and you must decide whether an actual score will go over or under it;
  4. Game-specific bet types. Some sports/esports are intricate enough so that bookmakers can devise betting markets applicable only to them. Usually, game-specific markets appear in the eSports and play around peculiar gameplay mechanics;
  5. Handicap. When the opposing teams’ strengths are unequal, Betnadreas introduces a handicap bet. Handicap reduces the winning requirements for the bet when betting on the outsider team. For example, we want to bet on the outsider in a football match. If we bet without a handicap, the requirement for our bet to win is an outsider scoring more goals than the favorite, which is almost impossible. But with a handicap, the requirement for your bet to win is reduced; for example, the outsider team must score at least one goal;

The odds for those bets are different too. As a rule of thumb, if the odds are higher, the chance of that outcome is low. On the other hand, if they are low, the chance of the outcome is high, yet the winning multiplier is insignificant. Still, Betandreas does an amazing research job of delivering fair yet profitable odds.

Create an Account & Win Real Money

Starting your Betandreas Bangladesh is a simple process that takes less than five minutes. You can select from the four primary registration methods: via mobile phone, via email, via social networks, and quick one-click registration. 

As the one-click option is the most popular one, we will break it down into a step-by-step process:

  1. Enter BetAndreas website. You can use iOS, Android, or Windows-based gadgets;
  2. Find a “register” button at the upper right. The “register” button sits right in the corner and is outlined with vivid yellow;
  3. Choose a one-click option and select essential info. When you click on the “register,” a new window will pop up. At the upper part of the window, you can choose your preferred registration method; we look for a one-click. Then, select Bangladesh and your desired currency. Don’t forget to get acquainted with site rules and put a checkmark in a special section once you do;
  4. Select a welcome bonus. At the bottom of the window, you will be offered to choose one of two welcome bonuses: for a casino or a bookmaker. You can also refuse the bonus, but it will be unavailable then;
  5. Press “register.” Finally, press the “register” button outlined in purple, and you are ready to go!

Bangladesh Betandreas will automatically generate secure login and password, which you will see on the next window.  

If you want access to the full specter of Betandreas features and unlock a loyalty program, you will need to do a couple more steps. Examine them and learn how to get more free bonuses here.

Payment Options at Betandreas

Both Betandreas sportsbook and casino feature many payment tools for your convenience. All the deposits are processed 24/7, so the selected payment method is the only one that defines the speed of the transaction. While the withdrawals are taken more seriously, as they can be used by fraudsters. That is why they may take up to 72 hours or three days to be checked. 

Deposit limit Withdrawal limit
Paytm 200 BDT 800 BDT
Bkash 200 BDT 800 BDT
Rocket 200 BDT 800 BDT
Visa 200 BDT 800 BDT
Nagad 200 BDT 800 BDT
PIX 200 BDT 800 BDT
Mastercard 200 BDT 800 BDT
Boleto 200 BDT 800 BDT
PhonePe 200 BDT 800 BDT
BitcoinCash 600 BDT 4600 BDT
Webmoney 200 BDT 800 BDT
Dash 600 BDT 4600 BDT
Dogecoin 900 BDT 4600 BDT
Bitcoin 3000 BDT 4600 BDT
Zcash 1700 BDT 4600 BDT
Litecoin 600 BDT 4600 BDT
Ripple 1300 BDT 800 BDT
Binance 800 BDT 4600 BDT
Ethereum 5500 BDT 4600 BDT
Perfect Money 200 BDT 800 BDT
EcoPayz 200 BDT 800 BDT

Betandreas is charging the least possible amount of fees for each of those payment methods: for the crypto payments, they rarely reach 1%, while for other methods can go up to 1-2%.

How to Make a Deposit

Adding funds to your account is made easy with an intuitive Betandeas deposit process, which includes:

  1. Login or register a new account. To create an account in the quickest terms, follow a one-click guide we’ve mentioned previously;
  2. Go to the “deposit funds” page. Once you’ve entered an account, click on the “personal account” at the upper right and select a “deposit funds” button;
  3. Choose a desired payment method. On the appeared window, choose one of the available payment methods; we will use Bkash as an example, as it works great for Bangladesh players;
  4. Make sure you have enough funds in your Bkash wallet;
  5. Select Bkash on the deposit page and choose an amount you want to deposit to Betandreas;
  6. Confirm a payment. To confirm your payment, you will need to specify the transfer amount, your wallet number, and transaction ID and click confirm to create a request for depositing.

Bkash facilitates instant transaction processing, so check your current balance and start playing/betting!

Withdraw Money in a Few Steps

When you win enough funds, you will use a Betandreas withdrawal system to get them on your hands. The process is intuitive and as easy as the depositing but if you need a guide, here is a cheat sheet:

  1. log in to your account;
  2. Enter the “withdraw funds from the account” page. The withdrawing Betandreas page is found by pressing a “personal account” and pressing the “withdraw funds from the account” button;
  3. Select payment method. Choose one of the payment methods (Nagad, Bkash, etc.) and type in how many funds you want to withdraw;
  4. Confirm the payment and wait for the money. Once the payment is confirmed, the Betandreas will start to process it. 

Don’t worry if your money doesn’t arrive instantly; processing might take up to 72 hours.

Betandreas Bonuses & Exclusive Promotion

Get additional betting funds, free spins, and match bonuses utilizing bonuses and exclusive promotions at Betandreas. Both these tools are made by Betandreas to attract new customers and introduce you to new games; still, they can bring significant value. The most popular bonus and promotion types at Betandreas are

  1. Welcome bonus. Deposit funds to your new account within seven days after registration to get 250 free spins and up to 25 000 BDT a match. To get this bonus, select it during the registration and define which type of it you want: for casino or bookmaker. Then, your first deposit of at least 400 BDT will activate the bonus. Be aware that the initial deposit instantly activates the bonus, and you will have no chance to use it again later. Also, if the deposit is made within 15 minutes after account registration, you will receive an additional 50% match on the transaction;
  2. Loyalty programs (VIP access). Bangladesh Betandreas rewards regular players/bettors with a generous loyalty program available for both bookies and casinos. To take advantage of the program, you complete various tasks: betting/playing a certain amount,  spinning a particular slot, betting on a particular event, etc. By completing those tasks, Betandreaas gives you points, which you can trade for coins. After achieving a certain point threshold, your level will grow, improving point-to-coin exchange rates. The coins you exchange are used to purchase bonuses: free spins, additional betting funds, etc.;
  3. Referral program. Whether playing casino or betting, utilize a referral link to invite your friends and get bonuses at Betandreas. By following the link, your friend will have to register an account, which will be tied to yours. Further, you will be getting a profit from your friend’s casino playing or betting without any effort from you. You can send the link to many people and create a whole network of friends bringing you additional funds!

And that is not even half of the bonuses and promotions at the Betandreas. Discover more of them and learn how to make a bigger profit with this useful guide!

Betandreas Mobile Betting & Mobile Casino

Betandreas comes with a variety of choices for mobile gamblers/bettors. The first option is to use the mobile browser version. It has decent optimization and serves well for users unwilling to spend their gadget’s memory. But if you want to use it that way, ensure your browser is stable and preserved from crashing.

The second option for you is to download a separate app. It is available for Android and iOS users and can be acquired from their markets (Play Market/App Store). The app is great for providing a much smoother betting experience, absolutely deprived of glitches and bugs. Downloading the apps is easy: just find them on the corresponding market and press the “install.”

If you are looking for more specific info about the mobile apps for Betandreas, read more about it here.

Security and License

Betandreas sport betting and gambling is a fully legal and licensed service registered on Curacao island. All the deeds performed within a Betandreas website are regulated by the law. And in case you face fraudulent acts, you can deal with them by engaging in a legal procedure. Look for the essential license data, like the registration number, at the bottom of the Betandreas interface.

Betadnreas cares about the security of your data and funds and uses encrypted payment technologies and safe tools. As a result, criminals are rather unlikely to get access to your vital info.

Customer Support

Even though the Betandreas website functions impeccably, random bugs can still occur as we deal with digital technologies. If you face this problem or have another one, you should appeal to Betandreas customer support. 

The main way of reaching out to support is through a chat on the website. Support chat works 24/7, connecting you to a capable manager to solve your problem. The practice of using a chat proves that 95% of clients are satisfied and have their issues solved quickly. 

In case you are not up for chatting, you can thoroughly describe your case in a support email letter. Once a special team considers your letter, you will receive a reply with a suggested solution. 

Do you want to leave your own experience/review or read other players’ reviews on the support? Go to this page and find out how.

Start Winning with Betandreas

Concluding, Betandreas has created unique and amazing conditions for bettors and gamblers. The website doesn’t waste your time: register with one click and get an instant deposit. Bettors can enjoy a wide range of sports with numerous betting markets, strikingly high odds, and available live streams. At the same time, gamblers have hundreds of games to choose from with a demo mode to inspect them before real money playing. And as a cherry on top, bonuses and promotions will indulge you in free spins and added funds regularly.

Rating of BetAndreas

Live games
Mobile App
Final score
Can I Watch Live Matches at Betandreas? Is Live Streaming Available?

Yes, the Betandreas sports betting section offers a live stream window. Bet and watch the match right on the Betandreas website.

Can I Play Casino Games for Free on Betandreas?

With the help of the demo mode, you can play most of the games at the Betadnreas for virtual, free funds.

Can I Play at Betandreas on My Mobile?

Yes, you can access Betandreas from any mobile device with a browser. But if you own an Android or iOS-based gadget, you can download a special Betandreas app.

Is Betandreas Legit in Bangladesh?

Yes, Betandras is fully legit in Bangladesh. You can check the legitimacy info at the bottom of the website’s interface.

How to Make a Deposit with Bangladesh Taka?

To make a Betandreas deposit with Bangladesh Taka, choose one of the deposit methods on the corresponding page, type in the desired amount of BDT, and confirm a transaction.

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